What Needs Changed

This petition was created after reviewing the Student Menu at my child's elementary School.
Sadly disappointed I felt it was the right thing to do to get people informed and involved.
We shouldn't just accept poor food choices offered at School Cafeterias.

  • Vegetable Choices should be from fresh or frozen veggies. Canned foods contain an amazingly high amount of sodium and are void of nutritional value. Fresh is always best but if that is not an option frozen is the next best option. Frozen foods still have the nutrients locked in the food its self, of course if they are not over cooked when prepared. 
  • Fruit choices should be from fresh fruit. When fruit is canned it looses almost all nutritional value. Most canned fruits are sitting in a high sugar content syrup.Fruit is naturally sweet and added sugars are simply not necessary and not a very good addition to a child's diet.
  • Vegetarian meal Choices should be made clear on the menu as well as openly available for students with meat allergies and those that are vegetarian.
  • Processed foods should be made to a minimal amount or phased out completely.For the simple fact that processed foods hold little or no nutrients. 
  • Soy or Nut milk should be an option for a healthy drink.

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