Our Mission

Our Mission is simple and filled with positive intentions.We are here to help local schools change their menus so that children have the chance to choose healthy foods at school.

We are asking school officials and asking the White House to consider adding more healthy choices of real nutirent dense foods.

East Allen of Indiana as other US schools already offers fruit and veggie choices but the fruit is typically in sugary syrup and the veggies are canned load with sodium. Veggie burgers need to be available so students know that they are there.

If we don't take responsibly for making the right food choices for our children they will typically choose junk foods over healthy foods due to the acceptance of such eating habits.

If we cut out the unhealthy food choices such as processed meats,sides,sugary fruit and canned veggies there would be quite enough funds to support a healthy school lunch upgrade.

Help United States schools take the leap to provide healthy lunches.

Indiana Make Lunches Healthy

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